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In Memory of (7)

Charles "Charlie" O'Hagan, Alexander "Cody" "Sandy" Mutch, John Scorgie, Andrew Douglas Rankin, Charles "Chattie" Mackie, Sylvester Stephen "Sam" Willox, David Lees "Dave" Caldwell, Alexander William Lumsden, James Milne Key, William Anderson Key, David Wood, Archibald "Archie" Ramsay M.A.,M.B.,C.M., Francis John "Frank" Whitehead, Frederick "Fred" Whitehead, Charles William Mackie, James Pirie "Fairmer" "Jim" Mackie, Thomas Ruddiman, Reginald Low "Reg" Morrison, John Salmond Barron, Thomas Bruce Niblo.


  • Family Tree Official's, Player's and staff details: Ancestry.com
    A.F.C Official's, Player's and staff details source: AFC Heritage - The Official Aberdeen Football Club Heritage Trust.
    Header Background Split: Left - Aberdeen Press & Journal, Aberdeen, Scotland, front page 29 May 2018 - Right - From Graeme Watson's personal copy, of Teddy Scott's green final testimonial special front page, 16 Jan 1999.
    Individual Photos - Various sources and status, see individual profile page for details.


Aberdeen F.C. - Family/DNA
An un-official compilation of the family tree of Aberdeen Football Club's official's, player's and staff from 1881 to present from one personal family tree.

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