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2004 - 2030

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Hall of Fame

2004 - 2030

Aberdeen Football Club

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2004 - 2030

Hall of Fame

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Inducted into the AFC Hall of Fame, 23 Nov 2022 - Frank McDougall, Davie Robb, Russell Anderson, Dougie Bell, Duncan Shearer - 21 Nov 2019 - David "Dave" Halliday, Gordon David Strachan OBE, Eric Black, Doug Rougvie, Theo Snelders, Mark McGhee - 01 Nov 2018 - Donald Cameron Cunningham (a.k.a Donald Colman), Eoin Jess, Peter Weir, Bobby Clark - 10 Nov 2017 - Archibald Gall "Archie" Knox, Graham Leggat, John "Spammer" McMaster, Neale James "Tattie" Cooper - 12 Nov 2016 - Alistair Reid "Ally" MacLeod, Alex McLeish, Stuart Kennedy - 15 Nov 2015 - Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson CBE - 05 Nov 2004 - Joseph "Joe" "Joey" Montgomery Harper, Jim Leighton, Ally Shewan, Richard McNaughton "Dick" Donald, Neil Simpson Edward Hunter "Ed" "Eddie" "Ned" Turnbull - The Inaugural Hall of Fame Dinner, 26 Mar 2004 - Harry Edward "Teddy" Scott, Willie Miller, Drew Jarvie, Fred George Martin, John Hewitt, Jim Bett. 2003 - Christopher "Chris" Anderson OBE, Jim Hemiston, Henning Boel, Arthur Graham, Martin McLean Buchan Jnr, Alex Young. One of the legacies of the centenary year in 2003 was the establishment of the AFC Hall of Fame.

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Aberdeen F.C. - Family/DNA
An un-official compilation of the family tree of Aberdeen Football Club's official's, player's and staff from 1881 to present from one personal family tree.

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