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European Cup Winners' Cup 1983-84
Qualifying Rd, 2nd Leg

Aberdeen 3-0 Újpest Dózsa, 21 Mar 1984

McGhee 38", 85", 94"
Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, Scotland, Attendance: 22,800
Referee: Alexis Ponnet (Belgium)

Aggregate: Aberdeen 3–2 Újpest Dozsa

Winners: Aberdeen

(Aberdeen would go to the semi-final to lose to Porto, who would lose to Juventus in the Final.)
Aberdeen v Újpest Dozsa 21 Mar 1984, programme and ticket
(Újpest Dózsa Players: József Szendrei, Ervin Kovacs, Jozsef Kovacs, Andras Tóth, Sándor Kisznyér, József Kardos, Sándor Kiss, Sándor Steidl, Andras Töröcsik, Laszlo Fekete, Istvan Bogdan, Attila Herédi. Subs: András Szebegyinszky, István Bodnár and Manager Miklós Temesvári.)
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Aberdeen F.C. - Family/DNA
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