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Aberdeen F.C. 1881-82

First game played


Aberdeen F.C. 1881-82
First game played, Friendly

Coupar Angus 4 v 0 Aberdeen

11 Mar 1882

Referee: J. Brown
Larghan Park, Coupar Angus, Scotland

Aberdeen F.C. advert for return match with Coupar Angus F.C. - Photo courtesy of Fraser Clyne
Aberdeen Association Football Club

Aberdeen F.C. advert for return match with Coupar Angus F.C. to be held at the Holburn Cricket Grounds, the first match played in Aberdeen under Association Rules. The match was played on the 15th Apr 1882, Aberdeen 1 v 3 Coupar Angus. The team that day was - Alexander Veitch Lothian, Robert Hyslop B.A., William Crimea Farrell, John Campbell Ross, J. Brown, Andrew Steele, Charles Emslie "Chas" Glennie M.A., William Stewart, Joseph Henry Haise, David Bennett Lothian and G.F. Hall.


  • Family Tree Official's, Player's and staff details: Ancestry.com
    A.F.C Official's, Player's and staff details source: AFC Heritage - The Official Aberdeen Football Club Heritage Trust.
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    Insert Photo: Aberdeen F.C. advert for return match with Coupar Angus F.C., Courtesy of Fraser Clyne.
    (Clyne, Fraser (2012). The Aberdeen Men Can’t Play Football – An early history of football in Aberdeen, 1881-1903. J. Thompson, Glasgow.)
    E-mail: Fraser Clyne

    Individual Team Member Photo's - Various sources and status, see individual profile page for details.


Aberdeen F.C. - Family/DNA
An un-official compilation of the family tree of Aberdeen Football Club's official's, player's and staff from 1881 to present from one personal family tree.

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