Victoria United FC - Family/DNA

In Memory of


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In Memory of

James Ririe, Edward Foote, Francis Findlay.

  • Family Tree Official's, Player's and staff details:
    Header Background: Victoria United Football Club, July 1901, Aberdeen, Scotland - original B&W picture - No copyright - attached.
    Individual Photo's - Various sources and status, see individual profile page for details.
    V.U.F.C Official's, Player's and staff details source, Courtesy of Fraser Clyne.
    (Clyne, Fraser (2012). The Aberdeen Men Can’t Play Football – An early history of football in Aberdeen, 1881-1903. J. Thompson, Glasgow.)
    E-mail: Fraser Clyne


Aberdeen F.C. - Family/DNA
An un-official compilation of the family tree of Aberdeen Football Club's official's, player's and staff from 1881 to present from one personal family tree.

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