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Frank Robert Hill - original B&W picture - No copyright - attached.

Frank Robert Hill

Football Player, No 10 Right Half

  • Birth: 21 May 1906 • Forfar, Angus, Scotland
  • Death: 26 Aug 1993 • Lafayette, Contra Costa, California, USA


  • Senior Debut:

    Dewar Shield Final

    Aberdeen 3 v 2 Dundee Utd

  • 22 Aug 1928

  • 14 Nov 1931

    The Great Mystery
    Frank Hill along with, Hugh McLaren, Dave Galloway and Jimmy Black were implacated along with Benny Yorston, the following is from Jack Webster.

    Yorston was one of five Aberdeen players dropped after a 1-1 draw with Kilmarnock later that year. At the time, the reasons were not clear, but the club's official history claims that several players had been involved in a betting scandal. No players were ever charged with any offence, but none of them ever played for Aberdeen again.

  • 2003

    Jack Webster

    "When I tracked him down to that Chelsea flat, shortly before his death in 1977, Benny denied all knowledge of corruption - and even claimed to have no memory of the mystery which led to his departure from Aberdeen."

  • 2003

    "From the Pittodrie dressing room of the time I gained the gist of what happened. A number of players decided to place fixed-odds bets with Aberdeen bookmaker Will Jamieson, on the basis that the Dons would be drawing at half-time and winning at full-time. Clearly, they could have some say in these matters and even if they hoped to win the match, the attempt to arrange the half-time draw was in itself a corruption."

    (Webster, Jack (2003). The First 100 years of The Dons: The official history of Aberdeen Football Club 1903 – 2003. Hodder & Stoughton, London.)


  • Aberdeen F.C. 1928-29

    • Aberdeen F.C. 1928-29 - No copyright - attached

    Back Row L-R: Alexander Merrie, Willie Cooper, Dick Donald, Jock McHale,
    Hugh McLaren, Daniel McKenzie, Ned Legge.
    Middle Row L-R: Ritchie, (ass mgr), Jimmy Black, Jimmy Smith, Willie Jackson,
    Harry Blackwell, Duncan Yuill, Andy Love, Tom Mcleod, Doug Livingstone,
    Russell, (trainer).
    Front Row L-R: Robertson, (sec), John Polland, John Wilson, Eddie Falloon,
    Bob McDermid, (capt), Malcolm Muir, Benny Yorston, Alexander Cheyne, Frank Hill,
    Paddy Travers, (manager).
    Trophies, Fleming Shield, Aberdeenshire County Cup, Aberdeen District League Cup,
    Dewar Challenge Shield.

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