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Alexander "Baille" Milne


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Alexander 'Baille' Milne - original B&W picture - No copyright - attached.

Alexander "Baille" Milne

1st Chairman

  • Birth: 29 Oct 1855 • Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  • Death: 28 Jan 1934 • Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, Scotland

1st Chairman, 1903 - (Shoremaster, Councillor, Baille)

  • 14 Apr 1903

    Aberdeen Football Club team formed

    Aberdeen Football Club merged with two other Aberdeen based clubs Victoria United and Orion to form the current Aberdeen Football Club.

  • 17 Apr 1903

    Interim Director

  • 18 Apr 1903


  • 27 May 1903

    Certificate of Incorporation


  • 1908-1918


    The Milne Cup

    The Milne Cup was originally gifted to Lerwick footballers by Bailie Milne, who at the time was President of Aberdeen Football Club, and was initially competed for between Lerwick and Kirkwall, with an annual fixture taking place between the two sides from 1908 to 1918. Milne Cup 100

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    Aberdeen F.C. 27 May 1903, Certificate of Incorporation
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